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Spotlight Program

2019 Spotlight Recipients

Since its launch in 2016, the Spotlight Program has continued to be a highlight of Art Santa Fe’s programming and events. Check back in June for information on the Spotlight Program for Art Santa Fe 2021.

The Spotlight Program provides collectors a focused look at several cutting-edge galleries and artists recognized for their skill and achievement in the visual arts. See the Art Santa Fe 2018 recipients receiving their Awards!

Antonio Nunziante

Giaveno, Italy | Booth 600

Once upon a time there was a child who used to spend many hours in the halls of the Capodimonte Museum in Naples, Italy. His uncle, who held an important position with the Museum, allowed him to play and run, but also observe all the masterpieces displayed in the Museum. The child was attracted to art and showed his skill and undoubted abilities, which emerged powerfully by the age of ten.

The child grew up and, over the years, moved to other cities, but art remained the center around which his life revolved. The boy studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, Italy, because art was his great passion and then became his profession. This is the story of Antonio Nunziante.

Antonio has been known in the United States from a very young age with artworks exhibited from New York to Los Angeles. The public responded immediately to the style of Nunziante’s artworks, principally the ability to convey feelings in the artwork that amaze the mind of the observer. Antonio Nunziante’s style is considered to be mainly metaphysical.

His artworks are called metaphysical because of his deep studies of the pioneer Italian painter Giorgio de Chirico. Nunziante’s artworks drive us, in a spontaneous way, to discover meanings that go far beyond what the artist has painted. Looking at his works, which are technically perfect and at first sight easy to read, we find out that Nunziante creates, above all, emotions. The subjects of his paintings evoke in us memories or feelings that motivate us to investigate more deeply the reasons we are attracted to his creations.

Many of Nunziante’s works are also surrealistic because, they directly question our unconscious, interpret our dreams, overcoming any barriers. For all these reasons, Antonio Nunziante is exhibited along with de Chirico, Picasso, and Warhol.

Antonio Nunziante reached his fame in the United States in 2013 due to three exhibitions in Manhattan and Sotheby’s auction records in New York. He became one of the most sought after Italian artists, with important international exhibitions in Great Britain, France, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, Dubai. Currently, 28 paintings of his, along with works by Michelangelo and Raphael, are touring Europe in the art show entitled Expo Leonardo Da Vinci.

Therefore, Art Santa Fe becomes the occasion to see up close the artworks of a Master who is considered, by many, the greatest living Italian painter.

Christopher Rabb Art

Clovis, New Mexico | Booth 404

Texas-born, Christopher Rabb grew up spending his free time playing video-games, reading comic books, and watching MTV – these childhood experiences have greatly influenced his work. Christopher is primarily a two-dimensional artist; he experiments with images from advertising, cartoons, comic books, graphic novels, movies, and other popular culture sources. Over time his work has evolved, taking avenues such as painting, collage, and digital abstraction.

In 2005, Christopher received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting from the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. He then went on to earn a Master of Arts in Art in 2008 and a Master of Fine Arts in Art in 2010, both from the University of Dallas in Irving, Texas. His artwork has been displayed and sold all across the country, including Alaska, California, Florida, New Mexico, New York, and Texas.

Currently, Christopher lives in Clovis, New Mexico where he teaches art at Clovis High School, Eastern New Mexico University, and Clovis Community College. When he isn’t creating or teaching Christopher likes to travel with his wife.

Artist Statement:

As a child of the 1980s and 90s, I grew up in the age of video games, comic books, and witnessed the birth of the internet. Much of my creative inspiration draws on these cultural icons and their incorporation of high contrast design and hard graphic lines.

Comics and cartoons, especially action comics, portray dynamic artwork that melds with the narrative, creating a combination of both literary and visual art. My earliest creative efforts were hand-drawn comics with characters that had mutant powers and even crazier backstories. During my formal art education, introduction to abstract expressionist and pop artists inspired me greatly—their use of visual language and expressive capabilities echoed the dynamic qualities of the action comics of my youth. For the last ten years, I have experimented with a combination of comics, cartoons, pop art, and abstract expressionism.

While searching for visual inspiration, I have collected a massive amount of images. Now, my computer has become my sketchbook, where I plan out about fifty percent of all my paintings using graphic design programs before putting brush to canvas. The other fifty percent I allow to grow organically. However, there is not an exact formula for my work.

Contemporary Art Projects

Miami, Florida | Booth 205

Headquartered in Miami, Contemporary Art Projects USA is dedicated to nurturing new contemporary art by providing exhibition opportunities and resources for emerging artists and curators. Its mission is focused on promoting art appreciation within the international community, inspiring and assisting collectors, and generating resources that support artists’ creative endeavors through art awareness, artist promotion, and art procurement.

Thirty national and international artists will show in the largest impressive curated booth of Contemporary Art Projects USA. The artists presented will display a variety of media and styles, from abstract and geometric to figurative, from painting to photography, sculpture and ceramic installation. Due to the interesting themes approached by the artists and the well-balanced curated conception for the presentation of meanings, shapes and colors, the exhibition will be attractive and significant for visitors of any age and walk of life.

Contact: Tata Fernandez

Miami, Florida

Andre paul Croteau, a successful visual artist and fashion designer, resides today in Miami, Florida. His skillful merger of two creative disciplines, fashion design and visual arts, has influenced his exquisitely balanced eye for beauty, composition, and equilibrium.

For Croteau, his mastery in the use of color, texture and a diversity of unique objects and materials to create his original artworks could be considered to be Abstraction with interesting figurative sparks. Abstract art is constantly evolving with new meanings and ways of representation. In Croteau’s work, we see an interesting fusion between the non-representational and figurative based on his experiences. He transforms intriguing and provoking depictions to engage viewers, giving a visual and intellectual experience.

Andre Paul has a keen eye for detail and a great talent with the medium. He plays with symbolic images, allowing them to acquire a distinct meaning. His art leads the viewer to simultaneously experience the effects of colors, forms, and symbols to depict feelings.

Artist Statement

Light-reflective opulent friezes. Hand-poured, resin-layered panels, collaged with sculpted fabrics and objects. The subtleties of varied light absorption and transparency are central to the work, as well as the ideas of transformation, imperfection, and chance.

Andre Paul Croteau - Yellow-Complexity | Contemporary Art Projects USA

Miami, Florida

Daniel Deladonne was born and raised in the dynamic and colorful city of Miami Beach in South Florida. At a young age, he started his very successful career in the field of professional photography, inspired by the strong influence of his study of art, as well as for the love for his city. With his quick eye, fantastic composition and a clever use of his artistic media, Deladonne takes us on his visual odyssey across the streets of Miami and other world-wide destinations.

Spending much of his youth traveling to South America to visit his mother’s hometown of Santiago, Chile, he was exposed to his first passion in life: street art. He became entranced with the raw beauty of underground art and its lifestyle. In a time where such art was frowned upon, Deladonne was on a mission to desensitize the stigma of graffiti—for him street art was a form of artistic expression that tells the story of the artist. At the age of 13, his pseudonym Spore was born.

Spore’s art caught on quickly in the Miami street art scene, and soon Deladonne decided to alter course and devote his attention to photography. He gained recognition and consistent coverage of his work, as well as use in the fields of Fashion, Street, Travel and Film.

Daniel Deladonne has worked with several galleries around the world, including A.Galerie in Paris, France. He has also participated in nonprofits such as “Art Sees No Boundaries”, an art exhibition destined to benefit the arts programs of Miami-Dade County Public Schools. His artistic photography was on display during Miami Art Week 2018 and Scope New York Art Fair 2019.

Daniel Deladonne - Above the Umbrellas | Contemporary Art Projects USA

Albuquerque, New Mexico

David Disko, a firefighter in the late ’70s for BLM in northeastern Utah, was often transported to fire sites via helicopter, viewing the landscape from the air. This transformed his way of seeing the land, revealing its larger form, emerged contours unseen from the ground, trees and rock becoming patterns of color and shadow.

As an architect, he became acquainted with topographic maps, enjoying the way cartographers use color and line to convey specific information. GPS, satellite mapping and Google Earth interest him in new ways to view the world. Three of his Artworks at Art Santa Fe 2018, were given Art Santa Fe Selects Awards.

Disko says: “I depict landforms like an amalgam of a cartographer, architect and camouflage designer. My process takes apart the landscape re-assembling it, creating objects and images that tell a story, sometimes a personal experience I had at a particular place, others about light, the passage of time, or place depictions by legend or account. I combine information and disinformation concepts, form and the abstract quality of maps or aerial photography to describe places I know or want to know more about.”

Three places in New Mexico, my home for 30 years, occupied my imagination: Archuleta Mesa, Mt. Taylor, and the Valles Caldera. Five elements are common in my work:

Background hue combining New Mexico colors, soil, and plants lightened by the sun;
Paint drips as north/south axis;
Grids tie the composition providing scale, objects’ proximity, and patterns;
As in topographic maps, color differentiates elevation’s areas from others in several thousand foot increments, I use eight colors, my palette derives from a Himalaya’s map;
Contour lines to delineate changes in elevation and define areas in the overall image, leaving lines to go their own way inside them, so portions of the images become fanciful doodle, as from a daydream.

Satellites pass over the earth every day, ticking off rows of photographic images. I access these images, selecting those that spark my interest, arranging them into pleasing patterns. Cross introduces a central negative space to the arrangements series. Could our destination marker be located there? If so what could we expect, a vortex, an alternate dimension, or just a place warmed by the sun and sheltered from the wind. Five Tribes speaks to our innate desire to affiliate with a group, for reasons of basic survival, commerce or ideology. It also speaks to our tie to a place, one that we individuate from all others, even when our place is objectively the same as that of our neighbors.”

David Disko - Panoramic View of Holes and Spires on the Pajarito Plateau | Contemporary Art Projects USA

Istanbul, Turkey

Deniz Orkus currently lives and works in Istanbul, where she was born. Since graduating with a Masters Degree from Mimar Sinan University in 1992, she has created her artworks using the collage technique.

Recently she spoke about her career: “Since the early 1980s, my work has involved creations mainly based on recycling. I have taken the theme to recycle, not only as materials, but also as a concept to put an emphasis on the vicious circle of socio-economic and historical events on the present day. I am questioning the material and, consequently, the event of dimension which develops in relation with the surface.

I construct my works in layouts as a stage setting, then I combine them as layers on a surface. I commonly use marking, focusing and signing as the indicators of my thoughts. I have shaped my last works with mixed materials—and I am think more about the concept of the work in much more inherent way. I do not let the content impress the form of my works. I am influenced from the society that I live in, I assemble data and visuals, and I collect from it and cast those reflections on my pieces. I organize the layers and construct the values that come from different time periods consecutively in each layer. In this way, timeless works come into being which can be worked over and over again.

In addition to her work as an artist, Orkus has also been the instructor for high school and college students to improve their portfolios for art, design and architecture degrees. She is one of the founders of the Fashion and Textiles major in Istanbul Ticaret University. She established the textile brand Basement Atelier, designing handbags and clutches. Her works can be seen in many private collections.

Deniz Orjus - Moment Anda I | Contemporary Art Projects USA

Miami, Florida

Growing up as a child in Hawaii, Luis Kaiulani describes his influence as a mixture of culture, nature, geography, and philosophy. His upbringing involved absorbing all of the wonders of the Hawaiian forests, playing in the sands on secluded beaches, meditating on mountaintops and diving into one of the world’s most amazing bodies of water, the Pacific Ocean. While he credits his affinity toward nature to this idyllic time – there is another side of Luis Kaiulani that is fiery, passionate and aching for excitement. He attributes this fiery side to his Latin American heritage.

Luis has trained with very accomplished artists such as master Octavio Acuna Solano, Ramon Diaz Lugo, Pedro Centeno Vallenilla, Oscar d’Empaire, Henry Bermudez & Edgar Gutierrez. Among those early influences were the works of Rothko, Kooning, Miro, Kandinsky and Pollock. He seeks subjects that compliment his growing concern with form, space, and color, where the presentation of archaic forms and symbols as subject matters illuminate modern existence as has been the influence of Surrealism, Cubism, and Abstract art.

For the past 20 years, Luis Kaiulani’s attention to fluidity, mindfulness and color dimension bring his artworks into a realm all of their own. Luis creates abstract works that draw from his Hawaiian and Venezuelan backgrounds and are expressed via his sculptures, paintings and art objects. For the onlooker, his work simultaneously feels strong and imaginary, much like the archipelago he hails from. His focus on color brings to life his work’s objective, Luis says, “My art is a metaphor for nature’s constant quest for growth through learning, experience and contribution.” And this objective is made evident when one looks at the color and rhythm that his works of art exude. Kaiulani’s amazing sculptures are each a testimony to his life force.

Luis Kaiulani - 1969 Gold Flat Shape | Contemporary Art Projects USA


Ricardo Cárdenas-Eddy, a successful artist born in México, expresses his feelings and beliefs connecting his art, in media and technique, with his career as a construction engineer. His artistic career is growing, as exhibitions and rising popularity demonstrate. Cardenas creates his paintings and sculptures cleverly using building materials, such as concrete and steel bars as his artistic media. He is a genuine original creator, always presenting new unique proposals, like his exquisite aeries of Tributes to Great Masters. Reinterpreting the main traits of the art from a chosen master artist, Cardenas paints and add collage using as canvas the cement and iron bars characteristic of his work, making the whole to look as a unique poster or street graffiti on a cement wall. The resulting artwork is astonishing and greatly admired by viewers and art collectors. Cardenas successfully and originally has celebrated renowned masters Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci and has sold to important art collectors around the world.

Ricardo Cardenas-Eddy, invited artist of Contemporary Art Projects and Art Santa Fe, will present his newest works at Art Santa Fe. La Pared de Frida from the Series Frida’s Paredón. In Spanish, paredón means a wall or a wall of rock. Is it Frida who was the “wall of rock” with her determination and strength of character—or is it the artwork itself, made from steel bars and concrete? The paredón, composed of cement and reinforced with steel bars, appears as if it has been dug out from an ancient wall. It is for us to decide—what is the true meaning of Cardenas-Eddy’s title La Pared de Frida?

Ricardo Cárdenas-Eddy - La Pared de Frida | Contemporary Art Projects USA

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Rose Masterpol, an abstract painter based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, previously attended Syracuse University later graduating in CalArts with a BFA in graphic design. She lived for 27 years in Los Angeles working for ad agencies. Today, she acts as a creative director to her clients and is a full time painter.

Between design and painting, Rose is always ready for the next great shot with her camera. In her biography, Rose’s Art is defined as distinctive and ever-evolving because of her vast array of interests, her creativity nourished by her poetry, music, graphic design, sculpture and landscape photography. Her work is the language of non-objective, organic and pure painting, consisting of abstract shapes, lines, instinct, and intuition made from acrylic or oil on large canvases. She is larger than life as are her works, often poetic with unrivaled breadth and depth, strong, boldly colored, uncanny and balanced. Her technical approach changes to the mood and flow of the next thing that emerges on a new canvas at any given time.

Her abstractions stream from De Stijl to Fauvism, to expressionism to the pure abstract realm, inspired since childhood by the New York school of painters, Pollock, de Kooning, Kline, and Motherwell.

Masterpol says: “Known for my vigorous gestural style, I am currently working on a new series called the Geometrix, a whole other way of painting for me, illustrative in form, but becomes as refined as humanly possible, resulting from deep thought, intricate design, sensitivity to color and color mixing, and grueling physicality. These acrylic on canvas paintings are large scale and colorful, employing odd geometric shapes whose converging movements and transparencies create a sense of depth. While they evoke the art and design of the mid-century modern, the Geometrix make strong statements about the language of shape in the 21st century.”

I work in a series format, which allows myself and the work to progress and never stop evolving. I can explore all forms of abstraction without limitations. My influences are nature, sound, and truth. They alter me in many ways I cannot explain. It’s like jumping off a bridge into an abyss. In that depthless space, I compose, allow, surrender and give birth to something unsuspecting. I relinquish thought so something else can emerge, something unexplainable. The stuff in between existence and non-existence is my playground. I gain access to unearthly realms of the unseen and the unknown through my human experiences.”

Because I am highly sensitive, vulnerable and intuitive, I am vastly open to possibilities that are not otherwise present or available. Since I can remember, I had a demanding drive to create—it is a true reflection of who I am, inside-out. In the end, the result/work is a self-actualized breathing entity, which is a part of the whole (body of work), kind of like how the universe works.”

Rose Masterpol - Bravado | Contemporary Art Projects USA

Hollywood, California

Ty Joseph was born Tal Ezra Joseph in Hamburg, Germany. He grew up in Kfar Saba, Israel. After his service in the Israel Navy, he relocated to the United States in the mid-2000s and changed his name to Ty Joseph.

He toured the United States as a musician and eventually settled in Los Angeles. There he obtained a degree in liberal studies at California State University, Northridge, and established a career in real estate. In 2016, he returned to his early passion for painting, starting a successful career as a visual artist.

While his artwork is influenced by Pop Art, with bold, eye-catching depictions, Joseph’s paintings incorporate original and attractive elements that enhance his exquisitely elegant style. By applying symbolic and subtle insinuations which often deal with social interaction, he reveals his motivation for creating and defining his identity as an artist.

Working from his residence in Hollywood, California, he makes this comment about his first art book, The Meaning of L: “At some point, you come to realize that biographies are very subjective. I would want my biography to be the first letter of my birth city, which is H, and the first letter of my adoptive city, which is L. There is much one can paint just from that.” He points out further: “Accompanying the use of distinct colors, I infuse a sense of identity into my work with my signature sweeps of L-shaped patterns. When viewed from a distance, these patterns create an illusion of unity that, upon closer inspection, reveals a much more complex, multi-faceted image, much like the idea of individuality itself.”

Ty Joseph - Chanel | Contemporary Art Projects USA

Miami, Florida / Tel Aviv, Israel

Creating in three dimensions is a challenge that always interested Zammy Migdal. Working with raw metal, he brings life and motion to the new and recycled metal. His work does not intend to express a vision of the world, nor specific concepts. Rather they represent images that form in his imagination, which he wants to share with others. Forms connect to each other in space or in their relationship in space. Elements and their finished texture are manipulated to reflect the inner world of fertile and vital imagination.

Migdal explains: “My work can be characterized by continuity and discontinuity: the continuity is reflected in the repeating qualities of the forms while the discontinuity reflects the variability shaped by my momentary experience. No two elements are ever the same. Slowly the ingredients, metal and movement, pins and paint, imagination, lights and shadows, come together to create a splash of color that is bigger than the sum of its parts.”

I express myself in metal, mostly steel and aluminum. For my twisted metal elements, I place one end of the metal in a vise while sliding the other end through a slit in the lower end of a T shaped primitive instrument that I built. I achieve the form of each element by using the power of my full body on the upper arms of the T, pushing and pulling against the inner strength of the metal. Mostly my strength overcomes the inner tension of the metal. Occasionally the strength of the metal wins in this game of arm wrestling, creating the unexpected ripples of the element that speak to the quality of the medium.”

Often my patterns are soft, contrasting the hardness of the metals; pleasing and agreeable to the senses they soothe their surroundings. This softness raises doubt about the hardness of the metal. Organic finishes, while exposing the true nature of the metal, create delicate silk-like ribbons.”

Zammy Migdal’s work is found in private collections throughout the world and as major installations in in public places.

Zammy Migdal - White Trail | Contemporary Art Projects USA

Gelbart Studio

Santa Fe, New Mexico | Booth 400

Santa Fe, New Mexico, resident Gelbart is a painter and mixed media sculptor with an architectural rendering and design background. He emigrated from Germany as a young child. He has studied at Southern Connecticut University, The University of Wisconsin and Pratt Institute and taught at Paier College of Art, Fairfield University and the Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven, CT.

He has exhibited solo in galleries in New Haven, New York City; in museums in Las Cruces and Albuquerque (NM), Stamford (CT) and Lincoln (MA), and in group exhibitions in New Mexico, Arizona, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Connecticut. He is the recipient of several arts awards and grants.

His work is in the Public Collections of the New York Public Library, the Yale University Library, the De Cordova Museum (MA) and the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, as well as in many private collections.

Artist Statement

For me, the imaginative process almost always involves working within a series concept. These series concepts can be both cerebral and light-hearted at the same time. The series becomes the vehicle that drives ideas and guides the creation of specific images and shapes.

My current series is entitled Shreddings and stems from the ever-increasing importance of data in our lives. The premise is simple: in order to safeguard our identities, our shreddings, with all their important and confidential information, should be kept and carried with us at all times.

To visualize this very serious issue, I began with a playful concept. Making sculptures and calling them “luggage” and “ATPs”, air travel pouches. These would be the carriers for the digits of data and pieces of paper that document our lives, our shreddings. In the paintings, shreddings are represented through singular paint strokes and masking tape with text superimposed onto the surfaces. The text represents the still visible and confidential data on the shreddings. This text is applied using the Le Corbusier font, an early twentieth century font named after the Swiss architect.

Initially, the masking tape created a precise shape to represent the larger shreddings. However, these rectangles evolved into a more informal image, allowing paint to stray beyond the very sharp edges of the tape. In addition, the multi-layering and placement of these shapes creates the motion, direction and flow of shreddings falling through a shredding machine into the container below.

Today, don’t leave home without your Shreddings is both a warning and a requirement.

Contact: Abraham Gelbart

Joseph Cosby Images

Santa Fe, New Mexico | Booth 201

Joseph Cosby started his work as a photographer in the late 60’s for an arts magazine in Princeton, New Jersey. He sold his first work in 1969. By the early 70’s he moved from black & white to color, and, then in 2017, returned “home” to black & white on canvas.

With the loss of sight in his right eye in 2007, it appeared that Joseph’s career in photography was coming to an end. Instead, he found that it had only just begun as he finally found his inner focus and vision. Twelve years later this culminated in the book and artwork: A Roll of the Dice … A Flip of the Coin, a project spanning five continents and 50 years of searching, listening and capturing the stories of lives so different from his own.

His formal training in the arts and photography is a short story. Joseph was never to take an art course beyond the sixth grade, has never taken a class in photography, was never the apprentice of another artist, had no mentors, and claims he is “too old and not smart enough to use Photoshop or its derivatives.” Rather, he continues to rely on those techniques of an earlier era, employed in the dark room.

Joseph’s academic studies resulted in a MA from Columbia University in New York and advanced studies at the Instituts d’Études Politiques in Paris. While an undergraduate, he had a music scholarship for voice to pursue a career in opera. That never happened.

In a past life, he enjoyed a career as a consultant for local, state and federal governments with clients ranging from The New York City Police Department, The City of Washington, DC; Virginia Department of Corrections, and The Department of Defense. He is a member of The International Press Corps.

Over the years, Joseph Cosby has been featured in solo shows, galleries, and museums in Washington, DC; Bellingham, Washington; Dallas, Texas; Steamboat Springs, Colorado; Antigua, Guatemala; and Santa Fe, New Mexico. His works are found in collections throughout the United States, as well as overseas.

When not traveling off the beaten path with his wife Sheila, his home is Santa Fe, New Mexico, with their dog, Mondo.

Fifty Years Behind The Lens
As a cultural portrait photographer, I have traveled across the globe to capture the spirit, the dignity, the secrets, and the souls of these people. At different times I am saddened, shamed, as well as strengthened by what I have seen and felt. There is a certain weight to all of this that cannot be unburdened – only shared.

I don’t want to tell you what to think, only what to think about …
Joseph Cosby 2018

Contact: Joseph Cosby

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