SPOTLIGHT PROGRAM The Spotlight Program provides collectors a focused look at several cutting-edge galleries and artists recognized for their skill and achievement in the visual arts. FIND OUT MORE

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The Spotlight Program provides collectors a focused look at several cutting-edge galleries and artists recognized for their skill and achievement in the visual arts.

2018 Spotlight Recipients

The Spotlight Program provides collectors a focused look at several cutting-edge galleries and artists recognized for their skill and achievement in the visual arts. See the Art Santa Fe 2018 recipients receiving their Awards!

Pippin Contemporary

Santa Fe, New Mexico | Booth 411

Pippin Contemporary, founded in 2011 by abstract painter Aleta Pippin, is located on the historic Canyon Road and is an uplifting world of vibrant color as expressed in contemporary art. “I was drawn in by the amazing color” and “it feels so welcoming in here.” These feelings, hard to put one’s finger on, yet are a common thread weaving throughout Pippin Contemporary’s guests’/collectors’ experiences. The richly sensuous visual experience is complemented by the warm, engaging approach of the staff.

Pippin Contemporary’s artists have been creating for a number of years, having honed their craft to a state of excellence. They are selected for their energetic and tactile expressions represented in their art – ranging from original paintings in vibrant colors to sculpture in stone, metal, glass, bronze, and kinetic.

Owned by an artist, Pippin Contemporary understands the importance of the artist, gallery, collector relationship. Collecting art is about that relationship as much as it is about the purchase. Oftentimes, Pippin Contemporary’s our collectors become friends who make it a point to stop in whenever visiting Santa Fe.

Contact: Aleta Pippin

Rebecca Haines was born in Wyoming with a vast array of creatures to inspire her. She started drawing as soon as she could hold a pencil but didn’t begin with animals until around the age of 30. After a friend lent her a book about the spiritual nature of animals and our connection to them, she was inspired to start playing with animal imagery and exploring the diverse cultural associations attributed to creatures since the beginning of time. Often her pieces suggest a story or fable that may include a trickster of sorts or spirits that are part creature and part human.

Scatter Sunshine by Rebecca Haines
"Scatter Sunshine" by Rebecca Haines

Aleta Pippin’s artistic venture has grown from a faraway dream to a full-time passion. While she found art at a young age, Pippin grew up with little cultural exposure putting the potential of an artistic profession far from her mind. In 2000, Pippin’s passion for art exploded back into her life, blooming into a full-time career. She improved her technique and found her own personal style of abstraction with vivid color and a contemporary feel. In 2011, she founded Pippin Contemporary in downtown Santa Fe with the idea of giving viewers and collectors a “sensory experience of color and mood.” In 2012, Pippin Contemporary relocated to historic Canyon Road, the heart of Santa Fe’s unique art scene.

Passion Infused by Aleta Pippin
"Passion Infused" by Aleta Pippin

Elizabeth Hahn’s acrylic paintings are playful and imaginative, with her most recent works inspired by the mysterious and curious landscapes of her mind. Many of these visions come from her childhood growing up on an island in Louisiana, where she explored the wild lands between the Red River and the levee. Hahn’s rich and vibrant paintings take viewers on an intimate journey to wondrous worlds. With smooth varnished finishes, Hahn’s paintings take on the look of storybook illustrations, creating adventure and intrigue for those who enter into their playful realms.

Adonde Va Ella iV by Elizabeth Hahn
"Adonde Va Ella iV" by Elizabeth Hahn

Paul Canton

Thoreau, New Mexico | Booth 519

Paul Canton, current resident of New Mexico is a painter whose use of natural light and reflective color creates a mirage of images and organic movement. An accomplished Composer, his paintings emanate a vast musical vision creatively channeled into richly interwoven layers, vividly composed, freely expressing a wide range of form and color.

Canton’s background begins in Southern California, moves to a lengthy stay in North Africa, evolved into a fascination and study of the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean and Masters of European Art. Deeper involvement led to the exposure of the timeless Berber Nomads, Whirling Dervish and Sufi Mystics of Morocco.He has shown considerable interest in the Southwest Native American Shaman and Anasazi Cultures.

A musician since an early age, his influences range from African Drumming to the Delta Blues and Jazz, resulting in his many original recordings. A natural progression into full-time painting was inevitable. Working on Canvas, Wood Panels, Metal and Forest Product surfaces, his paintings express a deep Spirituality, Lightness, and Mystical Beauty. A balanced composition with energetic improvisational expression is his template.

Contact: Paul Canton

Petrified Cloud by Paul Canton
Petrified Cloud by Paul Canton

Sonja Metzler Fine Art

Colville, Washington | Booth 418

From a small child, Sonja Metzler has gravitated more to a ball of clay, than to a pencil. Though casually enjoying several mediums, the space taken up by three-dimensional art is what she loves—loving all aspects of creating her art from every angle with clay serves that purpose well.

Creating full figure sculptures since 2012, she started creating three-dimensional art forms on the pottery wheel. By taking workshops and studying anatomy, she is continually moving in new directions. Each new story begins as a creation in clay, each piece influenced by her love of nature, native, organic and spirit. As she says, “Earth fills me with awe, and from it, I draw inspiration to create work, that would glorify its Creator.

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Sonja was raised in the middle-class suburb of Rembrandt Park. A rich and magnificent childhood, spent growing up in a country so rich in fauna and flora, with many different cultures and diversity of peoples was an early influence. In a country large enough to boast lands from subtropical to arid climates, canyons, even a rainforest, not to mention the array of animals all around.

After graduation from Hillcrest High School, in Kwa-Zulu, Natal, on the eastern coast of South Africa, Sonja followed a career in drafting and relocated to the United States in 1987. Starting out in Southern California, then to Alaska, and then finally, moving with her husband Washington in 1998. In the North Eastern corner of Washington, she lives with the luxury of a small holding, nestled in the mountains, with beautiful inspirational scenery and wildlife all around.

Today, her artful sculptures reflect her African roots coupled with her life in America, both giving great influence and inspiration to all aspects of her creativity.

Contact: Sonja Metzler

Father's Pride by Sonja Metzler
Father's Pride by Sonja Metzler

Travelogues Fine Art

Placitas, New Mexico | Booth 511

Travelogues Fine Art was started by Daniel and Sherri North as Montana’s only contemporary art gallery in 2009. Now located in New Mexico, they represent a select stable of artists to the film industry, corporate collections, and private collectors. Several of Travelogues Fine Art artists will be showcased at Art Santa Fe, including Bansky, Daniel North, Ancizar Marin, and Sonia Delaunay.

Contact: Daniel and Sherri North


Banksy is an anonymous England-based graffiti artist, political activist and film director. His satirical street art and subversive epigrams combine dark humor with graffiti executed in a distinctive stenciling technique. His works of political and social commentary have been featured on streets, walls, and bridges of cities throughout the world.

Bansky - Dismaland Canvas | Rat With Camera
Bansky - Not Banksy by Banksy | Girl with Ice Cream Dynamite
Daniel North

Daniel North’s thickly layered, dynamic, and heavily abstract compositions have a meditative effect on the viewer, who might be surprised to learn that they are the products of a painter trained in photorealism. These seemingly non-representational paintings, in which color and line dance harmoniously, seem a far cry from the figurative. But to North, his paintings bespeak his relationships with different places and landscapes and bare traces of his early experimentations with realism.

Daniel North - Desert Floor 2
Daniel North Enso and the Modernists
Ancizar Marin

Ancizar Marin was born in Colombia and received his first formal art training in the 1980s at the ‘Bellas Artes’ Institute in Manizales, Colombia. He continued to study sculpture at the Luccio Petraglia School of Art in Bogota, where he honed his sculptural proficiency in bronze and steel. Later, South American travel exposed him to the rich melting pot of cultural influences that further informed his approaches to color and texture. Marin works now in South Florida, where his work has been featured in design magazines, gallery shows, and prestigious art fairs, and private commissions continue to proliferate.

Ancizar Marin | Climber 8
Ancizar Marin | Female Climber 6
Michael Prokos

Michael Prokos is a second-generation artist who grew up in the Chicago area. His mother was a weaver and ceramicist and now illustrates children’s books. His father was the chairman of the art department and an art professor at Barat College in nearby Lake Forest. Both his father and mother also ran a ceramics school and gallery out of their home. Through workshops conducted by his parents, Michael got to know artists Paul Soldner, Tom Collins and Peter Voulkos–he still lists Voulkos as one of his major inspirations. “It was through all of this exposure that I was drawn to making art”, he said. Even though Michael was exposed to ceramic art throughout his childhood, he worked in the construction industry for many years before becoming a full-time artist

Michael Prokos Abstract White Cloud
"Abstract White Cloud" by Michael Prokos

2017 Spotlight Recipients

Gary Kim

GK Fine Art | Booth 111

Whether capturing the towering beauty of aspen trees, finding humanity in the ordinary in his figurative works, or taking a meta approach in his thought-provoking “Art in Art” series, Gary Kim leaves a lasting impression with his artwork.

Born in 1958 in South Korea, Kim showed outstanding artistic talent early on, attending art school after graduating from high school. After receiving his BFA, Kim got a master’s degree in advertising design, then went on to become an acclaimed illustrator and art director for 17 years. Kim also taught art and design at art colleges during that time. While working in the advertising field, he spent a lot of time sharpening his drawing skills by studying human anatomy and figurative.

In 1999, Kim moved to New York with his family to further his education at the prestigious Pratt Institute. While there, he often visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art. One day, after seeing John Singer Sargent’s master paintings, Kim knew he had to pursue his lifetime goal of being a fine artist. At first, he concentrated on portrait paintings, and had his first huge portrait exhibition in 2003. Since then, his reputation as a portrait artist has grown, garnering him commissions to paint portraits of prominent corporate and political subjects. Kim has exhibited his work at galleries across the country and participated in several painting competitions. In 2012, he was given the honor of being invited to the first World of Art Showcase in Las Vegas, one of the largest gatherings of today’s master artists in history.

Kim now lives in Santa Fe, where he and his wife have been running Gary Kim Fine Art Gallery in the city’s historic downtown art district for several years. Aside from painting and teaching in the gallery, Kim continues to show his work at solo exhibitions around the country, most recently at Evergreen Fine Art Gallery in Colorado.

Gabriel Collazo and Angela Brooks

Collazo Collection | Booth 404

Collaborators both in life and on the canvas, Gabriel Collazo and Angela Brooks of Collazo Collection capture the meaning of partnership in its fullest sense. “In our everyday lives,” they explain, “there are so many things we have to do, so we wanted to make our studio a place of letting go and being free to create. For us, painting is not a job, it comes from our souls. It’s something we love doing together, dedicating our time with each piece until it is complete.”

Collazo, the owner of Aztec Scenic Design, Inc., a decorative art, custom finishes, 3D printing, and fabrication company, met his match in Brooks, the design principal of Brooks Design Studio, a full-service interior design firm. “We are a team, we are soulmates, and we believe in love and we love what we do,” say the multi-talented pair. Collazo and Brooks create large-scale paintings together in a process that can take weeks per piece, as they witness the reaction of each added layer before progressing or deeming the work complete. Their evocative abstract works display incredible texture, visual balance, and movement, and the harmony between the two artists is evident in the work’s seamless style.

Collazo Collection’s work has been featured in galleries in California, Florida, and Illinois, as well as international exhibitions such as Artexpo New York.

Alfred Addo

Alfaddo Art Studio | Booth 110

Born in the West African country of Ghana in 1975 into a family of artists, Alfred Addo was exposed to art from infancy on. His primary inspiration came from his father, who exhibited his own work regularly and challenged Addo to produce unique artwork. And though Addo was passionate about art, he also possessed a keen interest in the physical sciences, a field he found satisfyingly challenging. He was torn between going to college to study medicine and becoming a professional artist. In 1997, he decided to follow his passion and pursue art full-time.

Since then, Addo has specialized in sculpture as the core of his art profession. Interestingly, his physical science background led him to experiment with different materials, including sawdust, which he’d played in throughout his childhood at the sawmill where his father bought and cut wood for his sculpture pieces. Just as many kids creatively use sand on the beach to build sand castles, Addo had used moistened sawdust as a child to build wondrous creations. Incorporating such a familiar medium into his work in adulthood came naturally to Addo.

Additionally, it was important for Addo to use environmentally friendly materials. Passionate about the sustainability of the planet and leaving the environment intact for the next generation and beyond, he produces 95 percent of his artworks using environmentally preferred materials. He has now perfected the method of recycling sawdust to create various types of sculpture and relief works.

Currently, Alfaddo Art Studio is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, yet nearly all of Addo’s work is produced in Ghana. He has successfully exhibited all over Africa and in New York City, and is excited to be represented in Santa Fe for the first time this summer.

2016 Spotlight Recipients

Jeffrey Bisallion

Booth 418

Jeffrey Bisaillon was born in upstate New York into an artistic family that was rich in creativity. He attributes his father’s love of photography, his grandfather’s love of painting, and his great uncle’s love of illustrating as the catalyst that led him on his creative path. Bisaillon’s artistic abilities were always nurtured, and from a young age he displayed artistic abilities.

Interestingly, although he did not attend art school, Bisaillon pursued careers that allowed him artistic freedom. As if it were all a well-orchestrated plan, his many years as a pastry chef and his 15+ years as a fine craftsman and builder gave him many of the skills necessary for him to become the artist that he is today.

Bisaillon has painted in many genres throughout the years, but his biggest connection has been with the abstract. Most of his work is achieved through his process of applying and removing paint in methodic layers of color and technique. He is in constant search of that perfect fusion of color and allure in order to entice one’s freedom of thought and emotion. His current abstracts have a clean, modern edge. The pairing of vibrant colors, bold brushwork, and resin finishes create energetic pieces that jump off the wall. He is fascinated by making the simplest shapes into things of beauty.

Zen by Jeffrey Bisaillon-500px
Jeffrey Bisaillon | “Zen” | Jbis Contemporary

Mary Johnston

Booth 400

A contemporary landscape painter born and raised in Duluth, Minnesota, Mary Johnston grew up with a sense that the natural world we live in is more beautiful and mysterious then we will ever know. The natural elements she observed in her childhood on the Great Lakes—large expansive sky, peaceful water, quiet green forests, the rocks and wind through the grass—dominate her work today.

After graduating from the University of Minnesota, Duluth, Johnston and her husband moved to New Jersey, exposing her to the great art museums and galleries of New York City and to the Somerset Art Association in Bedminster, NJ. It was there that Johnston learned to really be an artist, honing her craft and showing and selling her work. After a stint in California, soaking up the gorgeous colors and views of the Pacific Ocean, followed by more time in NJ, Johnston moved to Indiana in 2003, where she began working with oils, the medium from which she has built her business.

As a busy working artist in Carmel, IN, Johnston travels to shows throughout the United States, and is represented by select galleries, design firms, and art-consultant groups. Though she spent many years in the arts field working in different mediums, Johnston’s large-scale contemporary oils are her current passion. Her work often depicts a sense of vastness, which she attributes to her time spent in the expansive-skied Midwest and the great open spaces of the Western U.S. and Canada.

Mary Johnston, Appalachian Hills-500px
Mary Johnston | "Appalachian Hills"

Holly Grimm

Booth 110-B

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, and influenced by her photographer mother, artist Holly Grimm grew up with a passion for drawing already coursing through her veins. A graduate of Stanford University, where she double majored in studio art and engineering, Grimm counts Abstract Expressionism (particularly the work of Helen Frankenthaler), Chinese painting, and Navajo rug designs among her strongest influences.

In her paintings, Grimm works to create abstraction from nature. While she used to rely on her own photographs of natural and urban landscapes to paint, today she prefers to paint outdoors, traveling to various permaculture farms in dryland Native American communities to work. She begins by laying down her colors with pastels, using that as a template for larger acrylic paintings. Using this plein-air approach, Grimm aims to capture the vital energy of the earth in a way that gives the viewer an opportunity to meditate on the images and feel the life force that brought them to fruition.

Holly-Grimm_Pilar en plein air
Holly Grimm | "Pilar en plein air" | 12" x 16" | Pastel

Siri Hollander

Booth 309

Artist Siri Hollander was born in New York in 1959 and lived most of her childhood in Andalusia, Spain. Influenced by a family of artists, she began sculpting at the age of seventeen. Seemingly isolated from normalcy, Hollander established a connection with the horses and other animals that surrounded her in her youth. By apprenticing with several accomplished sculptors both in America and Spain, she developed her own sculptural form based on her unique subjects, horses and figurative forms.

Hollander’s sculptural medium combines steel and cement, creating her trademarked texture that, when cast in bronze, brings her sculptures to life. The freestanding sculptures range from monumental pieces to smaller tabletop works. With extraordinary focus and conviction, Hollander works independently of the trends in art movements. Her art flows naturally from her daily life, without dependence on outside factors. She has become a master of three-dimensional images of horses and more recently has developed her figure sculptures, greatly influenced by the emotional impression in the sculptures of modern masters. Hollander’s self-taught process constructs the sculptures with no sketches or maquettes, working directly with steel and recycled metal to combine realism and abstraction, emphasizing the rough essence of the subject.

Siri Hollander | "Tamarindo"

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